Normal is not gonna get you attention.

Who's Gaby?

Hi! My name is Gaby, and I'm a journalist, formerly active in the U.S., with a passion for communications. Today, I'm based in Stockholm, Sweden, and work within marketing, communication and PR. Beside planning and building strategies and plans, I pitch, write and create interesting content for businesses to optimize their communication and marketing.


I take on all kinds of assignments - small or big. Short-term or long-term projects. Always with a smile! But enough about me, I wanna hear about you. Let's meet and get to know each other!                                                                 

What do I do?

Plan & Produce

Marketing, PR and communication strategies. Content, such as copywriting, images, graphic design, ads, etc.

Publish & Manage

Social Media, web, project management of internal and external communication activities such as brand development, and more.

Analyze & Optimize

Test, measure and optimize campaigns and projects relating to marketing and communication, incl. competitive intelligence.

How do I do it?


I am optimistic and a problem solver, happy and kind - always a smile on my face and all ears when you want to talk.

Team spirit

I believe teamwork is the best work. Together there are no limits to what a company can achieve. I will work as closely as you want me.

Intelligent network

I have a wide network to compensate for my lack of expertise in specific areas, such as professional film production and more.

Why do I do it?


To help you define..


..and communicate your business values..

Grow that you can grow your business and secure its future market share.

I am a freelance..

graphic designer



content marketing manager

social media manager

and consult within..


brand development

PR (public relations)

project management

Gaby Kepinski

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