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Company: Talent & Partner

What: Social Media Marketing & Email Marketing

Getting to work with this amazing team is a dream coming true. I'm not exaggerating when I say this group of awesome people is your dream. They are a specialised recruiter within the media industry in Sweden, and work with some of the most attractive companies in Sweden.

Talent & Partner has a very straightforward and sassy tone of voice. Similar to mine. So when they publicly announced they were looking for a social media agency, asking for help with advertising on Facebook and Instagram, I of course sent an offer. Today, I'm helping them design and create ads with powerful messages, set up and manage their Facebook Ads Account, as well as handle their email marketing. I also help them with other technical parts, such as setting up new signatures, invoice templates and transfer information such as client data between platforms.

For reference, please call Sabine Andersdotter 070-229 53 53

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