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Company: Kiliaro
What: Social Media Marketing & Management

It is a great honor to work with Kiliaro. They are a purpose-driven scaleup, with a noble mission to build the next slow social media platform, allowing users to share and socialize around their photos with selective friends without losing quality of the media, and of course: not having their data sold to third parties..

I have worked with many startups and scaleups. It's a real struggle getting through the buzz, and elbowing yourself in to the market. But that's what I love: building creative content pieces to break grounds and getting through with the core messages. Because no matter what your purpose is as a company, the main purpose for people being on social media is to be entertained and staying in touch with family and friends. And you need to take that into consideration when building content for your own brand. 

Now, Kiliaro has taken the best of two services, and combined them into one: Cloud sharing & social media. You can share your photos and invite your friends to engage with them, like on any social media platform. There are no ads because Kiliaro doesn't sell to third parties. 

In my case, that meant finding creative ways around marketing and building organic content & ads where I couldn't target people, but needed the content to be spread and interacted with by the right audience.

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