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NOAB addbeauty Cover.png

Company: J. Nordstöm Handels
Varumärke: Addbeauty; Mavala, Ardell, Collistar, Coloran, m.fl.
What: Social Media Marketing & Management

The down part about being a consultant is that it tend to get lonely sometimes, especially for a social butterfly like I. But NOAB took me in like one of them, and even allows me to sit at its offices whenever I want to. The gratitude I felt after starting to work with this amazing team of kind-hearted peeps is inexplainable in words. 

And then we have the other amazing part: working with their brand and web shop: Addbeauty. 


The challenge I'm honoured to help NOAB with is to drive their social channels, marketing activities, and website - without competing with their clients: Lyko, Kicks, Åhlens, and more.

Beside handling their Instagram and Facebook brand & shop:, I also help with maintaining the webshop, writing news articles and blog posts about trends in the beauty industry, and product photography and content creation.

Marketing activities also includes advertising and driving traffic to some of NOABs largest clients, informing the followers about news and offers, and to build NOABs brands, such as Mavala, Ardell, Collistar, Coloran, etc. in Sweden. 

For reference, please email Arvid Nordström at


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