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Company: Non-disclosed

Assignment: Logo, Icon & Brand Guide

This is a startup who's entering a new and disruptive market. All legalities are yet not in place, and therefore the name is kept secret until launch.

We started with a full-day workshop, where we discussed the primary and secondary customer, their demographics and interests. We then set the company profile: archetype and placement on the market, as well as looked at the competitors and how the brand could position themselves so it distinguished from the crowd, and also how they wished to be perceived as by the market and customers.

The company had already done extensive market research and identified their target audience. Because their target audience has an active outdoor lifestyle, I chose a simple and sporty look for their business.


Their value words are smart, sweet and safe. The founders are Scandinavian and wanted to communicate their heritage. 

I incorporated the boldness of nature, wildlife, entering a new market, and their goals of dominating it, which resulted in a logo with an icon in the shape of a moose's head with antlers.

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