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Finding my WHY

If you follow me on social media, you know I'm currently actively breathing and preaching Simon Sinek's views on purposeful businesses. And to many this isn't new, but I still today meet business owners who haven't heard of the Golden Circle and its principles: WHY, HOW, WHAT.

This week, I spent Wednesday with my fellow group of entrepreneurs at Starta Smart - an initiative I was chosen to by Almi, SEB & YEOS (Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden). The topic was Early Adopters, MVPs, Pricing & Psychology behind Sales.

I spent the rest of my day looking over my business plan for my second brand: Social Sam, drawing parallells between what we discussed and learned during the workshop with what I've learned from Simon's book.

See, the principle of the Golden Circle applies to an organization as a whole; employees, sales, customer service, product(s), partners, pricing - you name it! So, I decided to start there. I decided to put my Why into words and let it guide me in developing my business plan. So here are my thoughts so far (if you have any feedback, don't hesitate to reach out!):

What is my WHY?

What change do I want to see? What gets me up in the morning? What do I talk so passionately about with people, to the point where I become fanatic?

Importance of small & local businesses in the world. I truly believe they are a vital building block of not just current societies and cultures, diversity and economies, but for a sustainable future of the world.

I want to see more small businesses. I want small businesses to take more space on the global market. I want them to have a stronger voice, and I want others to hear them. I want them to be sources of inspiration for future small businesses.

That's my WHY. Now let's move on the the next layer of the Golden Circle: my HOW.

HOW do I implement my WHY?

By teaching and informing about marketing and brand building.

And now to the last, the product of my WHY: my WHAT. WHAT do I do to live my WHY?

Social Sam. My product of this WHY, is Social Sam. A subscription based service for self-employed & small businesses with tighter budgets.

What do you think, does it make sense?

So to loop back at one of the points we discussed at the workshop: I need to find my early adopters - those who share my beliefs and values. Thos who are willing to jump on, try and pay for my product and are ready to take any inconveniences one might experience in the early stage I'm in, simply because they share my WHY, and believe in it.

So yeah, expect a lot more educational (& emotional) content on how to start your own business. And of course: how to use your personal voice to brand it. This of course, is applicable to businesses in general, and tools I use in my media agency for my larger clients too.



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