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How To Turn A Negative Into a Positive

This blog post will explain how I ended up in Costa Rica by turning a negative into a positive.

On Friday May 19th, I woke up with tons of positive energy and willpower. I danced down to my gym for a spinning class, and after danced over to co-work at a friend's place. It was Friday, content day (my favorite day!) and a sunny weekend filled with activities was just around the corner. I had lost two clients that week, but it hadn't affected me for long. I have zero doubt about me and finding new assignments.

As I step in to my friend's apartment, armed with the biggest smile and armes stretched wide ready for a big hug, my phone starts vibrating. I pick up when I see it's my renter's name. He drops it in the first exhale. He is giving up on his first-hand contract, and I have to move out ASAP. It was a third slap in the face that week. But this one was a knock-out.

Roof over my head and a safe personal space to retract to is part of my foundation for further success. One of my four pillars to grow and excel in life; Health, Love and Belonging, Food on the Table, and last but not least; Roof over my head. My fortresses against the four horsemen of my apocalypse.

I hid in my friend's kitchen, trying to suppress my tears. But I didn't manage to.

I took a few breaths, sat down, and started contacting my friends and family to keep an eye out for apartments for me.

Five days of texting, calling and explaining went by, and my overall mood had been the lowest in a very long time. Pablo, my dachshund, who's very intuitive and knows when something is up, wouldn't eat. I tried everything, even ham.

So I realized I had to do something.

I've been in this situation before.

And I knew how to get my motivation and mental state back on track.

On the following Thursday evening, after a day of following up on leads while trying to get work done, I dropped down exhausted in my couch and had a quiet hour with my thoughts.

I realized I needed to do what I did 2 years ago when I found myself in the same situation as I did now:

Turn one negative into a positive.

I simply couldn't accept my current two potential outcomes:

1. I find an apartment in Sweden.

2. I don't find an apartment and I'm homeless in Sweden.

So on Friday I decided to turn the second one around:

1. I find an apartment in Sweden.

2. I move to Spain.

And I wrote my statement:

I will by last of May 2023 find roof over my head in Stockholm, and if I don't, I'll book a one-way ticket to Madrid.

I did the same 2 years ago, and that's how I ended up in Costa Rica.

I'm happy to share that the first outcome has already won, and I will be moving in to a new apartment in Solna, and therefore stay in Sweden. And I'm so freaking grateful and excited about that! This is going to be the best summer ever!



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