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Nausea, Fear, Stress and all the other wonderful things about building a business

So, I took a new leap with my business this past week.

I did what most other coaches do: I published a course.

They say it's a way of scaling a coaching company. Uhm, okey.

Here's my experience from doing so:

Gaby wearing over-sized blue star glasses
Feeling goofy in my glasses.

The idea was wonderful. I felt excited. I felt like I was gonna reach more people, help more people at the same time and also make a little money. How great is that?!

Every self-employed's dream.

It was a beautiful summer day in July, and the world of abundance laid in from of me.

And then halt. I didn't do anything.

The idea was rejuvenating, the action was too overwhelming.

So 3 months flew by. Every week I stared at my goal nicely stated in my calendar: "Start course".

Ehm..I'm gonna do that last because I have priorities - my clients, I told myself.

Week after week flew by, and it was always one of few goals that I simply didn't make every week.

Before I knew it, it was November. As I was finishing off my week in what is probably the dullest month of all year, I realized I made all my goals. But one. I looked at it and almost rolled down on the floor whining like a baby: "But I don't want to do it..!"

With grumpy face and a big sight, I inspected my dry cuticles to my newly made manicure, and I admitted the hard truth: it's not about time. It's about something else. Something was holding me back from doing this course. I was telling myself I had to prioritize other things. But that's not true.

I was scared. And lost. What am I scared of? I asked myself. I listed them. And then I argued against them.

So I got myself together, and I wrote down steps to complete the course:

Write outline, set content and core message, create slides, record, edit.. and so on.

As another few weeks flew by, I managed to work through all the steps until I sat there with a product.

And then halt. Nothing.

A few more weeks flew by, and before I knew it, it was March.

I woke up one day, did my morning routine, and wasn't feeling great. My week had been sh*t, to be honest. And as I remembered my course, all the time I spent on it, I got mad at myself.

WHY haven't I published it.

So I cancelled everything on my agenda, and I spent two whole days and evenings setting it up through my web publisher. Yes, that's how long it took. There are probably other services that make it much easier, but since I'm familiar and already paying for it, I just did it through my web platform.

Great. After a few rounds of testing and fixing, which took another few days, I was finally there.

Now. The most scary stuff. Telling people about it.

So as I write this blog post, please know that fear of resentment is filling every teenage cell in my body.

And you have most probably experienced it yourself.

That fear of rejection.

The boy or girl you want to ask out turning you down.

The employer turning your application down.

The lead turning into a final No. It's normal. Because we care.

I care that my courses will help some self-employed or small businesses out there. That it will bring some clarity and set a course of actions. That it saves them money and they can invest that money in to more activities instead. That it will spark ideas and excitement for knowing which direction to go and start taking action and seeing results.

I hope I can make more money and grow my business even further.

Isn't that what we all want?

So long story short: Here's my course on how to build a social media plan. Here's everything my big clients pay me to do in person, gathered in a digital video for every one of you trying to make a dream a reality and build your own company. Take it if you want and need it. I hope it helps you in the right direction.

And as always: please don't hesitate to reach out if anything.



Video course: How to build a social media plan
How to Build A Social Media Plan for small businesses

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