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Never Have I Ever.. - Business Edition

I mean.. It's inevitable we've all done embarrassing or weird shit at work. We're only human. How many of these are you accountable for? Put your fingers up, and put a finger down every time you've done any of these..

Never have I ever..

1. Walked in on someone else using the toilet (they forgot to lock the door)

2. Sent an email by "Reply All" when it was meant for one pair of eyes only..

3. Come in on a weekend, thinking it was Friday or Monday

4. Ate a colleague's lunch from the fridge

5. Called my boss by the wrong name

6. Sent an embarrassing email to a client

7. Cried in front of my colleagues

8. Gotten wasted on a company party

9. Overslept and come late to work

10. Sent a meeting invite to the wrong person

11. Printed personal stuff on the company's printer

How you doing? Any finger still up?

12. Broken..anything

13. Deleted information that should not have been deleted

14. Forgot to tell the boss I'm leaving for vacation

15. Started a fire at work

16. Accidentally put an extra number in to the copying machine

17. Forgot to leave the online meeting, turn the camera or mic off, and then realised it a few minutes too late..

18. Pranked a co-worker

19. Pranked a manager/boss

20. Called a client by the wrong name

21. Lied about my title

22. Listened to music and tried to hit some tunes thinking I'm all alone (but you're not)

23. Called in sick because of a hangover

So, at which number did you run out of fingers?

If you have any fingers still up, you're just..suspiciously clean.

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