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New Instagram Features to Help Businesses Cope With COVID-19

Now is the time to be creative, and show how your business can help the world. However, after talking to numerous agencies, that doesn’t seem to be the case for most businesses. Roughly 90% of the marketing agencies I’ve talked to lately report a decrease in business due to customers halting campaigns and promotions, and many are laying people off.

Facebook, however, is once again adapting its services to world happenings. To cope with the pandemic and its effects on businesses, the platform is implementing creative solutions that are meant to generate new revenue streams for businesses on Instagram. Facebook also depends on advertising spend, and by helping other businesses stay alive, it is securing its future advertising income. A very smart move to increase their own brand perception and to defend its future financial state. Well done, Facebook. Other businesses - take note. This is a perfect example how a business can adapt to help its customers and at the same time secure its own business.

Here are some of the new features Facebook has added to Instagram:

  • Stories: A sticker that allows you to take food orders for take-away

  • Stories: A personalized support-sticker connected to your personal Facebook fundraiser

  • Profile & Stories: A gift-card button and sticker allowing your fans to buy an experience for the future

These new tools allow businesses to run promotions to help reduce the loss of business. Very worthy to try out, if you ask me.

The features were rolled out in the U.S. and Canada on April 16th, and will continue to be launched in the rest of the world in the following days. So, if you are a business, keep an eye out for these new tools, and stay active on Instagram and Facebook to communicate with your fans.

To see examples of how the new tools will look, click here.

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