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Self-employed: Don't worry, be happy?!

This is a post about the power to let go of things and let time sort them out.

I often find myself and other self-employed stressing over situations they want resolved immediately - most often work-related - to the point where they (and I) forget to enjoy the rest that's going on around oneself. We let our worries taint our days and spread on to our surrounding relationships, habits and commitments like mold.

Here is how you can handle those days:

Gaby Kepinski surfing Costa Rica
Kepinski surfing Costa Rica

Ask yourself:

What makes you happy?



I love my routines. I love my early mornings, walks, paddle-outs, deep breaths watching the sunset, whether it's in Costa Rica, Stockholm or wherever I happen to be. My notes and plans nicely filling up the empty spaces in my calendar.

A busy schedule brings me peace in mind.

When I don't have assignments,

I create content, paint, cook, bake, write, dance, watch and read other people's content, hang out with friends, I play with my wiener (dog - for those who've missed I have one), I listen to music,

I get inspired, laugh, cry,

I close my eyes.

And I dream.

All this makes me happy. Not one thing, but all combined.

And they all magically correlate to one another.

And when I'm happy, I attract new clients.

That's my secret to success.

So to anyone who needs to hear this:

Relax. Take a breath. Take 4.

Don't stress what you can't control.

It's easier said than done, yes. But it won't hurt trying - will it?

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