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The Value of Personal Branding

Tired of your 9-5?

Want more freedom?

Decide when to work and not?

Build your own life schedule?

You're not alone, amigo.


There's a catch.

There are multiple ways to do it.

And if you thought any of them would be easy,

you are wrong.

Gaby working remotely from a café in Costa Rica

You can become a consultant and work for one or two businesses. But that's not very different from an employment. Sure, you might get your salary up a few bucks and if you have a solid agreement; not have to worry about getting those bucks in your bucket. However, you'll most probably still have to adjust to their work schedule, and on top of that have to do your own accounting and invoicing. So not much more freedom after all, huh? You can also create an agency-like business and offer your services to many different companies. This can be marketing services such as copywriting, design, programming, etc. The challenge here is to have clients find you to make sure you're stocked up on assignments and can make a living. The third way is to create products and sell them. Like opening up a boutique, sell your art, pre-recorded classes, build an app, etc.

Now, here's where the potential big bucks lies, okey. But there is one thing that the last two examples have in common:

Branding, babe. How unique you or your products are steers your income.

You can argue about supply and demand, but in this case there's another factor that makes a difference: You.

And this is where it gets hard. To make an example: influencers. There's a reason why influencer marketing grew so big. Because these individuals realized the worth of their voice. And so should you about your voice. But they worked consistently with their Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, for YEARS before they grew an audience and gained trust enough to convert them into clients. To make the most out of your new business, you need to become an influencer for yourself.

That means putting yourself out there. Building a personal brand. It's a big job, that takes time. But trust me, you'll thank yourself when you make it. I get numerous messages from friends and connections who follow my journey asking if I have any advice. My first advice is always: be on social media, go to networking events, exhibitions, talk about your business and life and everything around them. Many respond with "..but I don't feel comfortable doing so..I don't want to be seen."

And you know what? That's fine.

But unless you've invented the wheel or revolutionized it; landing you millions in investments, you will have to go with the first option I mentioned above. Meaning not necessarily much more freedom than you might have hoped for.

Personal branding is something I've worked with for years and have a proven track record of. I've seen the effects on my own business as well as on my clients'. It's real, love. So if I managed to change your mind, here're your firsts steps in building a personal brand: 1. Choose a social media you like and already use frequently.

2. Search the hashtag of your occupation and check out what's out there. 3. Write an introductory post and ask your audience if they have any questions about your field that you might help them to answer. 4. Google the most common questions relating to your field:

5. Create posts and answer those questions.

6. Share about you, your life, hobbies, values, etc. Because you have competition, who can do what you do as well as you do it. But the reason they will choose you is because it's you. They want to relate to you and work with people whose values and personality inspires and alines with them. YOU are your USP: Unique selling point. Because there's only one of YOU. That said: choose the path that makes you proud of yourself. No way is the right way unless you feel good about it.

Don't hesitate to write to me if you have any questions! Go be awesome, Stop on the street and smell the air, Say hi to a stranger,

and enjoy life!

Love, Gaby


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