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Company: Stockholmshem

What: LinkedIn Advertising Course

I often hear people complain about LinkedIn's and Facebook's ad platforms. And I totally get it. It is complicated, especially if you haven't worked in it. ​

When Stockholmshem reached out, they wanted to learn about LinkedIn and its advertising platform. 'YES!,' I thought. Because I admire people who want to explore and learn new social platforms to grow their businesses. However, it is a much more complex platform (as of today) than it needs to be. I could hear the client's frustration over it and sympatised with them. 

To solve the issue, we set up a half-day workshop (Swedish fika included, of course). During that workshop I went through the steps of setting up an efficient structure on LinkedIn Ads, with accounts, campaign groups, campaigns, ads and other settings like pixels and payment information.

I also did a quick-guide to LinkedIn Ads, customised for Stockholmshem and their ad account, in case they needed support for future ads.

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