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Company: Precuris

What: SEO, content & copywriting

Precuris is a client of mine since I first started freelancing, in 2016. Working with Preben, the founder, I have learned so much about health tech, and I have found a new passion of mine: robotics! (Make sure to check out my coverage of one of the IJCAI speeches in Stockholm on my blog "How to teach a robot to make a smoothie.")


At first, Precuris wanted some content for their social platforms, primarily IG & LinkedIn, and their website. They needed to fill the website with interesting content related to their business.

To solve the issue, I took on a journalistic approach and made some research on highly searched topics and interesting news. I then used those themes for articles in different fields, such as AI, robotics and healthcare. I found reliable and interesting sources, interviewed them, and wrote SEO-optimised articles on the subjects. 

I then took the information and created engaging content for Instagram and LinkedIn, in forms of LinkedIn articles, Instagram stories and quizzes. That way, we educated and engaged Precuris' audience and made more people go in to read on Precuris' website. 

In one article, I interviewed the global head of Artificial Intelligence at Tieto. He is a renowned expert in the field with more than 18,000 followers on LinkedIn. He went on and shared the article in his feed, which increased brand awareness for Precuris.

Other than this, I also helped design and print roll-ups and brochures, as well as photography for website and social media.

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