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Positive affirmations: Do they work?

During a long Saturday stroll with a good friend of mine, I realized I lost one of my strongest abilities. As we were walking and catching up on everything in life from work to love, my friend suddenly turns to me and says:

Gaby Kepinski doing a peace sign while practicing positive affirmation
Practicing positive affirmation

"Gaby, I know I said it some time ago, but I have to say it again; I'm so impressed by you, and what you do. It's so inspiring."

At first I didn't agree with him. I had lately been beating myself up for not doing enough, not doing more, not doing my best. I've cursed and dwelled on every rejection and ghosting. Taken it personally.

So when my friend uttered those words, my eyes teared up. I couldn't take it to me. I was close to respond with a "Nothing to be impressed by, trust me."

But instead I whispered a 'thank you' and stayed silent.

I was gone in my head, trying to make sense of the feelings that had emerged. My friend continues:

"There are so many people who would never dare to do what you do."

I finally turned to him and said, my voice cracking up:

"I know what you're saying is right, and I appreciate it, but why can't I believe it anymore? I used to look myself in the mirror every morning and give myself a pep-talk and strike some power poses. I can't remember the last time I gave myself a pat on the back. What happened, when did I lose my biggest cheerleader - me?"

Sadness, confusion and disappointment. All three sprinting side-by-side to every cell of my body.

Right then and there, we decided we both need to start reintroducing some positive affirmation habits to our daily routine.

And so now, as I spit my tooth paste out in the morning, I look myself in the mirror and tell myself what a badass I am. I thank myself for putting in the work and effort every day, for believing in myself. I remind myself of how lucky I am to be surrounded by amazing family and friends, mentors, clients and inspirational network offline and online; LinkedIn and other social media platforms. And last but not least, my pawtner in crime, Pablo.

But do positive affirmations work?

I believe they do, but there's a catch.


I believe positive affirmations work in setting an optimistic energy into actions. But we still need to take action.

I don't necessarily have issue with that, I would say. But the way I approach my initiatives sets the outcome. That I do believe.

Do you give yourself praise on a regular basis?

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