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Half way through my morning cup of ambition, I realized how much..

Entrepreneur Gabriella Kepinski shares her success story

.... I have accomplished in such a short time.

We often forget to reminisce about our past successes - small and big ones. But we need to, because they are a big part of our fuel going forward.

So let me, ehm,

(because I'm really bad at doing that..)

brag about myself.

My three successes these past 3 years include..

1. Launching my product Social Antrepreneur, which gained traction and clients within DAYS, meaning proof of concept.

2. Being chosen by Almi, SEB and YEOS as one of 12 entrepreneurs in Sweden to their initiative Starta Smart. (With Social Antrepreneur)

3. Saying "No, thank you" to a client who was asking for cheaper prices.

4. Saying "Bye" to a client who wouldn't pay their invoices.

5. Saying "I need more time" to clients so that I don't tire myself out and let it affect my free time for myself, family, hobbies and friends.

The last three ones were the hardest. But the most necessary.

What's one of your successes post pandemic?

Share it to give yourself a pat on the back!


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