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YOU are NOT alone.

You'd be surprised to hear how many managers, who's reached out for my help regarding their company's social media, don't have a marketing plan in place.

One time I was meeting a brand design agency, mostly to get acquainted for the purpose of using me as a standby in case they got too much on their plate.

Out of curiosity I asked the two founders where they were headed with their agency, what goals they have in their business plan and marketing plan.

"We don't really have a marketing plan, we mostly just help clients create them."

Interesting, I thought.

On the contrary, you know who - in my experience of talking to people; which if you know me is quite vast, is exceptionally good at having clear marketing goals set?



Yes, they actually INVEST into building and implementing clear goals and build their personal brands.

And I've been swept off my feet when I've heard about or seen their strategies and plans.

These guys..I'm telling you: watch out companies.

The solopreneurs are coming. Fast. Because they have full mandate to execute, test and change whatever they want on a daily basis.

But since I like to question things, is a marketing plan really necessary?

In my opinion and case, based on my experience, it is.

But please, I'm open to have my opinion questioned.

Tell me: are you selfemployed or employed, and do you/your company have a marketing plan?

Not feeling comfortable sharing you don't have one? It's okey too.


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